Senior Integration Architect in API Team


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You will become part of an IT area of high priority in the bank, with the vision of truly changing the way the bank functions. We are seeking an API Evangelist Engineer who can help foster the adoption of properly developed APIs in Danske Bank, including guiding and instructing developers throughout CIO areas in best-practice API development and proactively working with the teams to train and help develop their API capabilities.

Better Ways of Working

The Better Ways of Working program is part of a broader program that will help Danske Bank transform the way it operates; divided into 3 streams:

  • Customer Journeys acceleration
  • Ways of Working redesign
  • IT Industrialisation

The IT Industrialisation track will succeed with modernizing Danske Bank architecture, e.g. building the right APIs and decoupling dependencies, and optimizing on our tools and processes, to enable and ensure that we, in collaboration of the other two streams, can build a Better Bank and continue to maintain an innovative environment once the program achieves its purpose.

The team

You will be joining the IT Industrialisation stream, responsible for driving the IT transformation in Danske Bank. Our goal is to drive the initiatives to optimise and make more effective our development organization and enable the needed IT changes.

We will be responsible for helping the organization decouple its core systems using an interface-driven architecture (APIs, events, and domains)

You will:

You will collaborate closely with the API adoption initiative team, having the following key responsibilities:

Drive knowledge and set standards

  • Act as a mentor and provide guidance to API developers and teams to foster API adoption
  • Explore new technologies/create proof of concepts
  • Write and update API documentation and articles
  • Participate in key meetings and town hall sessions for API development/ use topics
  • Develop design pattern for common problems to ensure consistency and quality of development
  • Review team’s setups based on guidelines and provide guidance
  • Help build and maintain an API community

Support teams and manage standard tooling

  • Develop new API solutions together with the development teams and support them in their process
  • Provide guidance to teams on how to follow guidelines and best practices
  • Develop and maintain central API tooling

You will help to build the API adoption initiative with your team and colleagues. You will collaborate with stakeholders across Danske Bank in the journey towards a bank-wide API adoption. This includes leaders and employees from IT, Business Development and corporate functions like Finance & Risk.

About you:

Skills and competencies 

  • Good understanding of API based design & development, including creating libraries/ NuGet packages, and of Domain-Driven Design principles
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities
  • Good communication skills in front of small groups
  • Proactive work mode
  • Team player, able to work in various team setups
  • Experience with API Management solutions, (IBM API Connect, etc.)
  • Experience with API authentication & authorization (JWTs, etc.), correlation and logging
  • Experience in API design and documentation tools (Swagger, etc.)
  • Experience with API data protocols (OData, GraphQL, etc.)
  • Experience with API security, scaling possibilities and API requests throttling mechanisms
  • Experience with web development using the single page application framework and experience with jQuery is a plus

Experience and qualification

  • Three or more years of software development (.NET, Java) and IT architecture experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in designing, consuming and supporting APIs
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field

We are growing and looking for reinforcement to our organization.
Up for a challenge?
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Austeja Beinartaite, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Application period has expired.

If you are interested, please send your CV in English no later than 05.19.2020. Confidentiality guaranteed.