Chief Agile Coach for Wealth Management

Application period has expired.

We hope you know that Danske Bank is becoming an even better bank.

Wealth Management Hub is a place where we focus on three things: growth, [email protected] and making a difference.

And yes, we do look like the picture – figuratively and literally.


• live and breathe agile values,
• know it well so you could coach,
• also know, how not to be THAT annoying type that everybody avoids,
• know how not only to talk, but also make a difference,
• know what GSD stands for, and you live it.

If so we are super eager to talk to you! If fact, please do text me directly.

Just to make sure: we don’t look for the one who knows how the moon looks like, we look for THE ONE who can help us build a rocket.

We have some areas/teams where agile maturity is quite OK, while some needs a lot of love, still.

“Fixing” area:

  • 10+ teams which does (or wants to do) Scrum,
  • 100+ employees of varying personal agile maturity,
  • so… multiple people at various levels to be enlightened about how good looks like.

In addition to that we also promise:

  • lovely colleagues and a crazy leader,
  • international team, learning and growth opportunities, and all other things big organizations offer.

TL;DR; We are out on a transformation. And of course we do not know where we are going to be in a year. Though we know (one of) our aspiration – being number 1 in customer experience!

You will:

You will act as an agile change enabler for:

  • business and IT,
  • teams and individuals,
  • team members and executives.

Some of your stakeholder(s) might know how the moon looks like, but they need huge help in building that rocket.

Do whatever it takes to help us get THERE.

About you:

  • experience as Agile Coach or a Leader in enterprise setups. In practice it means… you like to improve things,
  • track record of “installing” agile mindset, values, principles, methods, etc. into your environment,
  • been part of successful transformations:
    • you have actually “converted” at least a few executives. Meaning that now they know, that agile is a bit more than “something that IT does to be faster”,
    • you understand value of metrics, and why is it important in transformations,
    • you know at least few decent ways to measure agile maturity practically,
  • you like people, but it does not mean you like (only) talking,
  • since you’re reading this ad, your English is quite OK.



Application period has expired.

If you are interested, please send your CV in English no later than 09.07.2020. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Your title in job contract will be Agile Coach, Chief.