Agile Coach @MobilePay

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MobilePay is a mobile payment app with more than 5m users in Denmark and Finland. At first the vision was simple – change the way a nation transfers money. Now that we have succeeded, we are facing new challenges and know for a fact that there is still much more to be achieved.

Why we need you

We are undergoing an exciting transformation to change the way we work and are looking for a superstar to join our team who is passionate to be leading this journey.

We started transitioning to Agile in 2015 and feel ready for prominent changes. We want to further evolve our organization and are looking for an experienced professional to head this transformation by taking an active role and hands on approach. We are about to start an ambitious organizational change to cross-functional teams setup, simplifying the way we work, enabling E2E responsibility, all of this in the context of Agile, Lean, Scrum – you name it –  and we need you to lead us through this exciting path and keep us in the right direction. It won’t be easy and there will be challenges, but this just makes it sound better and more enjoyable for you.

What we offer

  • Key role in organizational transformation towards better ways of working
  • Challenging projects influencing and contributing to innovative products in mobile payments
  • High degree of collaboration and autonomy
  • Crucial role in a highly motivated, talented team
  • Passionate co-workers, scattered internationally
  • A company culture that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance

You will:

You’ll head an Agile function taking ownership for the transformational journey.

One of your immediate tasks is to evaluate our to-be vision: tribes, squads, channels, etc. setup, suggest improvements and see it through all the way to the implementation. You will guide and lead us to further evolve based on strong agile and lean principles, continuously innovate to maximize the effectiveness of this transition.

As an agile coach, you will also work with multiple cross-functional teams, helping them out on a daily basis and leading them towards self-organization. This includes:

  • close collaboration with Product Owners, helping them to make product decisions and keep a productive working relationship with their team;
  • facilitating team and cross-team workshops to grow our agile community of practice in house;
  • facilitating all the Agile rituals and educating people to adopt a user-centric approach;
  • developing and monitoring metrics to track progress of Agile adoption and maturity to support accelerating Agile transformation efforts.

About you:

We are looking for someone to act as a galvanizing force to set and lead the path for better ways of working within our journey of restructuring into tribes and squads, at the same time helping us properly own all the product groups and channels across the company.

We have a vision and we need you to fine-tune it helping us to reap sweet fruits of success and avoid pitfalls, based on your previous experience. Hence you have proven knowledge of the application of Agile at Scale and demonstrated ability to coach and lead the cultural and organizational change to make it work.

In order to get us there, you should be an energetic person with very good communication skills and enjoy leading a ground swell of change, introducing and evolving new ways of working, enabling our teams – not only ensuring compliance to a methodology.

We are growing and looking for reinforcement to our organization.
Up for a challenge?
Apply or reach out to me if you have any questions.

Austeja Beinartaite, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Application period has expired.

If you are interested, please send your CV in English no later than 10.08.2020. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Your title in job contract will be Agile Coach.