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What you tell people you do

Even though my title says Agile Coach, I’m more like a Jedi master of Agile, teaching, mentoring and guiding padawan learners to not just do what I tell, but feel the agile flow in their team – and help everyone figure out a way to improve it!

Or you could say I am a sort of Galadriel of Agile that guides fellowships of agilists in Danske Bank towards destroying the evils of outdated practices and “doing it because we have to Agile” and replacing it with the most unlikely of creatures: People who care!

What you will actually do

You will join a vibrant team of agnostic agile coaches located in Denmark, Lithuania and India, working as a virtual team. You will be given your own tribes (departments) for whom you support their Agile Champions, who are organised in a Champion guild for each tribe.

Agile Champions are an agilist part-time role, where 1-2 team/squad members are trained and guided on finding ways to help their squad improve. For the Champions this can be anything from improving retrospectives, ensuring social cohesion in the squad through team building and fun, or more “hard” agile activities such as improving refinement practices, creating flow transparency in the squad, etc.

You will be the one guiding and training them, but you are never truly alone – we co-create our materials in the Self Organisation chapter, and we support each other when we run sessions for our champions.

But wait, there’s more!  

We have a lot of freedom in what kind of things that we bring to the champions, or to the bank in general. Some of us are in a trainer guild, that train others in a variety of topics. Others have a lot of focus on visual thinking and are trying to bring a community together around this topic.

We also run a model that guide the entire organisation on “what does good agile look like”, that we call the Agile Squad and Tribe Insights (ASTI, we came up with the acronym first, obviously), so there is a lot of opportunity to “nerd” agile in our chapter.

And finally, but most importantly: We have fun! We joke a lot! We care about and support each other, and we care more about outcome than output.

We need you to know your stuff. It does not mean you need to have been doing Agile for 20 years and know every tip and technique that is out there, but you need to have “dirt under your finger nails” and have the war stories to prove it: The thrills of getting “it” to work, and the pains of having failed, after which you picked yourself up and kept going.

In other words, be an Agilist with a capital A, take pride in “knowing your stuff”, and have an open mindset and be willing to learn, but also willing to challenge – and never, ever put the method or technique above common sense. There is no “because the Scrum guide says so”.

Depending on your experience and knowledge, we may offer you a different seniority of the role.

You will:

  • Run your own guilds of Agile Champions, training them in basic and advanced tools, methods and techniques, based on the needs in their context
  • Co-create content for various challenges that go across guilds
  • Spar with and coach individual champions as the need arises
  • Help set the direction for the ASTI for the future
  • Contribute to the Better Ways of Working Centre of Excellence (BWOW CoE, our home in the organisation with sister-teams of Agile Coaches) with our knowledge and insights

About you:

  • Have background in Agile coaching and/or Scrum mastering
  • Demonstrate experience as an Agile practitioner, with the ability to convert this experience into learning material for champions
  • Have experience at collaborating with multiple stakeholders
  • Can create crisp and learner-centred communication and learning using virtual tools
  • Advanced English skills, both orally and in writing
  • Display the following key personality traits: experimental, curious, open to different cultures, flexible, empathetic, action and quality oriented, and a being a great team player

We offer:

Monthly salary range from 3840 EUR to 5760 EUR gross (based on your competencies relevant for the job).

Additionally, each Danske Bank employee receives employee benefits package which includes:
    • Growth opportunities: professional & supportive team, e-learnings, numerous development programs; (incl. professional certificates); 100+ professions for internal mobility opportunities.
    • Health & Well-being: a diverse, inclusive, work & life balance work environment; health insurance from the first day of employment; mental well-being practices; partial psychologist counselling compensation; silence and sleep zones at the office; game rooms.
    • Hybrid working conditions: home office budget (after the probation period); modern Danske Campus workplace developed with anthropologist for the best employee experience.
    • Additional days of leave: for rest, health, volunteering, exams in higher education institutions, and other important activities. Moreover, for seniority with Danske Bank.
    • Monetary compensation package: accidents & critical diseases insurance; financial support in case of unfortunate events, travel insurance; IIIrd Pillar Pension Fund contribution.

Additional days of vacation

Health insurance from the first day of employment

Third pillar pension fund

Kids playroom

See all the benefits HERE.

Really be yourself. We like it that way, and we take great care in ensuring that it is safe to be so. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Feel free to contact me @LinkedIn if you have any questions

René Vest, Agile Coach Leader

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Send your CV

If you are interested, please send your CV in English no later than 04.12.2023. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Your title in job contract will be Squad Leader (Agile Coach).